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What is a community cinema?

A community cinema is a volunteer-led non-profit organization showing films for the benefit of the community. It’s a place for people to get together to celebrate films old and new, discover hidden treasures and relive the magic of favourites from years past. It’s a place to honor local artists and Canadian culture. It’s a place to get out and be an active part of a lively community, seven days a week.

We think this is exactly what Qualicum Beach needs.

The volunteers at Beach Flicks have been showing critically acclaimed films at the Eaglecrest Golf Course for the past nine years. They have done a fantastic job of engaging audiences in a cinematic experience with reasonable prices, well chosen films and a welcoming atmosphere. Their screenings are always sold out to a packed room! (Seriously, check out Beach Flicks. They’re great!)

But those screenings are limited, and by necessity presented in a temporary space.

A new, purpose-built community cinema in Qualicum Beach would provide a year-round, top-notch cinematic experience for everyone, seven days a week.

And with modern digital projection and high speed internet we can host almost anything: live-streamed performances of theatre, ballet or opera, live sporting events like the Olympics, and even live e-sports (that’s competitive video gaming, and it’s big).


state of the art picture and sound technology

Digital projection and sound provide an immersive experience like never before. With no film to degrade, the picture is perfect every time. And modern internet connectivity means we can have access to anything and everything ever made, from brand new blockbusters on opening night, to classic films all the way back to the silent age. We can even live-stream events happening anywhere in the world.

Community oriented cafe and wine/beer bar

Meet with friends over snacks and drinks before and after the shows. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Either way, it’s a great way to build a film community, and heighten the experience of going out to the movies.


modern cinema seating

Wider seats with higher backs, arranged in a stadium format mean no more numb butts, and good sight lines from every seat. No more peaking around that tall person’s head.


Music, talks and special events

A space by, and for, the whole community. We see this space as a flexible social hub. Musicians in the lobby bar? Check. Community-based live music and talks in the cinema itself? Check. The space can accommodate the evolving needs and wants of a thriving town, while keeping itself open for business seven nights a week.

Community Cinemas That Inspire Us

Here are some great examples of community cinemas from around the world:

The Grand Cinema, Tacoma, Washington

The Civic Theatre, Nelson, BC

Tyneside Cinema, UK

Salmar Theatres, Salmon Arm, BC



This is a cinema by, and for, the community. let us know what you think!

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